If William J. Smith was in fact D.B. Cooper, then there were some mitigating circumstances that led him to do what he did.  I don’t condone hijacking a plane and risking lives.  However, I do know that there is a “gray area” in all of life, and a duality in all men.  From what I know, I believe William J. Smith was a good man, and any debt to society he may have incurred that night in 1971, has long since been paid off.

This is a work in progress.  I’m not a writer or a journalist.  The grammar, syntax, flow, etc. may be offensive to the trained eye.  This is not for money, publicity, a job, a book, or a classroom grade.  To me the facts are more important than the presentation.

This site is more about William J. Smith as a possible D.B. Cooper suspect than it is about the case as a whole.    William J. Smith was a World War II veteran, family man, and life long rail worker.  Parts of this site also discuss his friend Daniel Clair, another rail worker and World War II veteran.

If William J. Smith was not D.B. Cooper, then he is still a great example of a hardworking gentleman who served his country and worked his whole life on the railroad.

This site is not intended in any way to discredit Bill or Dan.  I would not have been any part of publicizing this if William J. Smith or Daniel Clair were still alive.  I would not have wanted to see someone try to make a name for themselves by arresting an 89 year old man.

Closing this case would benefit the FBI by reducing the amount of work created by incessant tips from the public.  Closing the case could also alleviate any fears that any passengers or flight crew might still have about this mythical man known as D.B. Cooper.

What happens next is anyone’s guess.  As of November 2018, The FBI has William J. Smith’s fingerprints. Whether they compare his prints to those on the plane is yet to be determined.  It will take the FBI, the family, or one of the witnesses to come forward and provide more information for this case to move forward.



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