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“Man closest to D.B. Cooper Boeing skyjacking mystery shares his story”

William Smith Bill Mitchell Interview

“New D.B. Cooper Suspect Emerges” by Tim Binnall.  Coast to Coast AM With George Noory.

“DB Cooper revealed? New suspect emerges years after infamous hijacking” by Ryan Gaydos.  Fox News.

“Military analyst presents convincing evidence that he’s finally ID’d the real D.B. Cooper” by Michael Hulse.  The Herd Now.

“New DB Cooper research claims a man named William J Smith is the real 1971 hijacker” Daily

“D.B. Cooper Is the Northwest Skyjacking Conspiracy That Keeps on Giving” by Ned Lannamann.  The Portland Mercury.

“New Suspect in D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Case Unearthed” by Dick Eastman.  The Daily Online Genealogy Newsletter.


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