I was lucky to twice be a guest on The Cooper Vortex, a podcast dedicated to the search for DB Cooper.  It is hosted by my friend Darren Schaefer and produced by Darren Schaefer and Russell Colbert.  It is a top notch production, and I recommend all the episodes.  It is available on  a number of platforms, to include Apple Podcasts.

To listen to the episode where I discuss William J. Smith called “DB Cooper Was A Railroader” on Apple Podcasts CLICK HERE.

To listen to the episode where I was a panel guest “DB Cooper Science Panel – Eric Ulis, Tom Kaye, Anonymous” on Apple Podcasts CLICK HERE



I was a guest for a 2 part series about D.B. Cooper on the true crime podcast: “Chicago Outfit-Blood in the Streets” in March 2019.  Each one is about 1 hour.  Both of these were done over the phone without editing. Episode 2 flows a lot better than Episode 1.

In Part 1, I talk about the hijacking up until the point where D.B. Cooper is about to jump.  In the last 10 minutes or so, I introduce a suspect named William J. Smith.  Click Here to Listen.

In Part 2, I pick up just before D.B. Cooper jumps from the 727.  I discuss how he likely used the railroads to escape.  I also talk about Max Gunther’s book “D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened” and how it got me involved in the case.  Finally, I go into detail about my research methods, and finish up with a list of compelling reasons why William J. Smith is likely D.B. Cooper.  Click Here to Listen