Articles/Podcasts Related to my Research

“New suspect in D.B. Cooper skyjacking case unearthed by Army data analyst; FBI stays mum” by Douglas Perry.  The Oregonian.

“Man closest to D.B. Cooper Boeing skyjacking mystery shares his story”

“New D.B. Cooper Suspect Emerges” by Tim Binnall.  Coast to Coast AM With George Noory.

“DB Cooper revealed? New suspect emerges years after infamous hijacking” by Ryan Gaydos.  Fox News.

“Military analyst presents convincing evidence that he’s finally ID’d the real D.B. Cooper” by Michael Hulse.  The Herd Now.

“New DB Cooper research claims a man named William J Smith is the real 1971 hijacker” Daily

“D.B. Cooper Is the Northwest Skyjacking Conspiracy That Keeps on Giving” by Ned Lannamann.  The Portland Mercury.

“New Suspect in D.B. Cooper Skyjacking Case Unearthed” by Dick Eastman.  The Daily Online Genealogy Newsletter.



I was lucky to twice be a guest on The Cooper Vortex, a podcast dedicated to the search for DB Cooper.  It is hosted by my friend Darren Schaefer and produced by Darren Schaefer and Russell Colbert.  It is a top notch production, and I recommend all the episodes.  It is available on  a number of platforms, to include Apple Podcasts.

To listen to the episode where I discuss William J. Smith called “DB Cooper Was A Railroader” on Apple Podcasts CLICK HERE.

To listen to the episode where I was a panel guest “DB Cooper Science Panel – Eric Ulis, Tom Kaye, Anonymous” on Apple Podcasts CLICK HERE


Vanished podcastVanished is a podcast created by Jennifer Taylor and Chris Williamson.  In November of 2021 they did a great series on DB Cooper.  I was one of a number of people interviewed.  I highly recmmmend the three-part series.  To hear my part, go to about 47 minutes in on episode 2.  To listen on Apple Podcasts CLICK HERE


HostI was a guest for a 2 part series about D.B. Cooper on the true crime podcast: “Chicago Outfit-Blood in the Streets” in March 2019.  Each one is about 1 hour.  Both of these were done over the phone without editing. Episode 2 flows a lot better than Episode 1.

In Part 1, I talk about the hijacking up until the point where D.B. Cooper is about to jump.  In the last 10 minutes or so, I introduce a suspect named William J. Smith.  Click Here to Listen.

In Part 2, I pick up just before D.B. Cooper jumps from the 727.  I discuss how he likely used the railroads to escape.  I also talk about Max Gunther’s book “D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened” and how it got me involved in the case.  Finally, I go into detail about my research methods, and finish up with a list of compelling reasons why William J. Smith is likely D.B. Cooper.  Click Here to Listen

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